Passwords must:

  • Be a minimum of eight (8) characters in length
  • Contain at least one (1) character from three (3) of the following categories:
  • Uppercase letter (A-Z)
  • Lowercase letter (a-z)
  • Digit (0-9)
  • Special character (@$)

Passwords must not:

  • Contain a common proper name, login ID, email address, initials, first, middle or last name.
  • Have been used in the last year or last three passwords, whichever is greater.
  • Do not use these Special character (~`!#%^&*()+=_-{}[]\|:;”’?/<>,.)

It is strongly recommended that:

  • Passwords are changed twice per year (e.g. when clocks are adjusted in the spring and fall).
  • Each password chosen is new and different.