Takeout List wants you to get the answers you need as fast as possible. To do this, takeoutlist.com uses two contact channels: Live Chat, for urgent order-related issues, and support ticket for everything else. We ask that you do not contact Support for:

Notifying Support of restaurant delays. Restaurant delays are an unfortunate but inevitable part of restaurant business. We understand that they are a painful part of the job and we do work closely with our restaurant partners to help them improve their operations. Unfortunately, there is nothing our customer support team can do to speed up prep time. Order requests or to ask how busy it is. Orders are assigned via a computer algorithm so there is no need to contact Support for orders.

Live Chat

If you need help with any other issue, contact us via "Live Chat". Our support team strives to answer each chat within a few minutes. Live Chat is used for order-related problems like when restuarant can not find your order. Please do not use Live Chat if your issue is not about a live order. Keeping this channel free of non-urgent issues helps us answer you much faster when you have an urgent problem.

Trouble ticket

If you need help with anything non urgent, please let us know via support ticket. Please make sure you to include the email address associated to your takeoutlist.com account.